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Thema: DVB & EPG subtitle language issues

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    Ausrufezeichen DVB & EPG subtitle language issues

    Hello ,
    I have paid the tax for TitanNIT for IPBOX 910 ,the receiver is unlocked ,I have the last image installed .
    I like that it records very fast without delays .But It seems to have 1 major bug :
    The DVB subtitle language is not remembered during channels switching or when I reboot receiver .The audio language is stored .
    If you have the same behaviour please post or say what should I try (I already tried a reset to default settings ) .

    Another issue is that I cannot switch during EPG languages ,for example Cinemax in Thor 1W channel has Hungarian ,Romanian ,English .But I see only Hungarian .

    Any feedback is appreciated .
    Thank you very much for help !

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    Is the same behaviour on other receivers as well ?
    Hello ,is there anybody here ?
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    I suggest you put a bug request in the tracker on the wiki and it will get looked at (maybe) in the future.

    TitanNit is mainly feature orientated by what the devs have available and what is important to most of the user base, language stuff in reguards to the epg and support of out of Europe centric features is possibly never going to happen.


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