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Thema: Do you support titannit iptv؟

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    Do you support titannit iptv؟

    Do you support titannit iptv
    If it supports
    What paths iptv?
    The Annex, who is iptv name?

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    Do you support titannit iptv
    If it supports
    What paths iptv?
    The Annex, who is iptv name?
    in mediathek you have the ability to add custom iptv favourites you can also load them from the web browser as long as there is no flash etc just basic streaming protocols.

    you can also stream remote sites using the web interface to load the remote stream.

    hbbtv is not supported the sh4 boxes are to slow and it was removed across the board on all boxes there is no plans to re implement it but it may happen with the new arm dm900 as it is fast enough to handle hbbtv.

    mediathek is based in Europe so it does not work too well in other countries.

    I would like to see a python interpreter embedded in titannit so we could use kodi xbmc plugins on titannit.

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