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Thema: ufs 910 titannit 1.55/1.56 mp4 problem

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    ufs 910 titannit 1.55/1.56 mp4 problem

    I have a problemm with titannit 1.55/1.56 default player,
    it does not show mp4 files (when i pres play or go through menu).
    when I rename file to mkv it works.
    Is that Codecpack problem, or some config file?

    Also is it poslible to show all files when i pres play (I tried enabling or disabling miniplayer, but no change)

    I also tried to install Meida centar, but still no mp4 in file list, only mkv?


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    First install the Codecpack and the Mediaplayer. Then you call up the Mediaplayer via the Menu / Media Player and select Movies / Films. Then it should work. The internal Player is actually only for .ts (recordings).

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    I don't know about the ufs procedure but for the atemio I removed the extensions folder from the hdd did a clean flash from the iboot menu and installed from usb and re installed everything and it fixed it.

    Just remember to backup using sat channel list editor before hand as you will loose all your chanel data and picons , which is a problem if you dont have a backup and you hand made over 100 of them :-(.

    i had the same problem i think it was a messup with the plugins or something.

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